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  • Entry fee: Before Dec. 1st $250, After Dec 1st $350.

  • Captain's Meeting is not mandatory but is suggested so anglers can enjoy the venue and receive their goodies Thursday Dec 12 , 2019.

  • No limit to how many anglers per team.

  • Up to 8 lines allowed.

  • Any form of fishing allowed.

  • No mutilated fish (bite marks are OK).

  • 2 fish Aggregated weight will determine winner of this event in the Wahoo category (1 fish can outweigh another teams 2 fish for the WIN).

  • Captain can also be an angler.

  • Boundaries -  No Bahamian or Cuban Waters.

  • You may depart from any inlet.

  • There will be no live chumming.

  • Cut bait chumming / chum bags are allowed.

  • Weigh-in arrival may be by boat or by car.

  • All entering teams must have a valid and current fishing license.

  • Electric reels for dredges and teasers allowed.

  • Free gaffing will not be allowed.

  • Braid, wire and mono are allowed.

  • Electric reels allowed for anything without a hook (kites, dredges, teasers, etc...).

  • Teams can place in multiple categories but can only place once per category.

  • Category wins will be determined as the heaviest of each species.

  • No limit to how many anglers assist in the landing of a fish.

  • Must say a special phrase that will be posted on IG/FB and announced via telephone night before Lines In along with a video of qualifying fish still alive to qualify for the Weigh In.

  • Any disputes will result in a $250 fee that must be made to the tournament director before 2pm Sunday, December 15th, 2019 by the disputer. (If dispute is overturned then $250 will be returned)

There will be no refunds, except in the case of the following:

In the event that tournament is rescheduled due to weather, all entry money will be refunded within 1 week to entered teams who aren't able to participate on the rescheduled date.

In the event the tournament hosts feel it is in the best interest to reschedule the tournament due to sea condition and / or weather, the tournament may be delayed up to 4 weeks. In this case, all fishing teams should make the decision to fish the tournament based upon their own judgement of the prevailing sea conditions and crew seamanship skills.

**In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by which fish was caught first.**